A hard blow for Digi RCS-RDS. He lost for good. It’s happening right now because of customer abuse

Digi | RCS-RDS is at the center of a scandal. It all started with the relationship with the customers and an abuse of them. The company challenged the fine initially received.

In 2018, Digi | RCS-RDS received a fine of 7,000 lei. The reason was the collection and storage of copies of identity documents and the processing of personal data without the express consent of the data subjects.

The fine was applied by the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) in April 2018. And the company appealed.

Recently, as Profit.ro notes, the Bucharest Court of Appeal recently rejected the Digi | RCS-RDS against a decision of the Bucharest Tribunal from November 2018, which did not accept the request of the telecom operator to annul a contravention report, issued by ANSPDCP on 03.04.2018, as being illegal and unfounded, with the consequence of exempting the company from the payment of the contravention fine and canceling the recommendations ordered through it.

The company also tried to replace the fine with a warning or a reduction in the amount of payment. At the same time, the operator also wanted to cancel the recommendations ordered by ANSPDCP.

In court it was shown that Digi | RCS-RDS has processed the personal numerical code or other personal data having a function of identification of general applicability either without the data subject having expressly consented to it, or under conditions in which the data subject has obtained a defective consent, obtained on the basis of a standard form in which the client was obliged to express a consent (non-free) processing of personal data by photocopying and retaining a copy of the identity document for the purpose of concluding and executing contracts for the provision of electronic communications services requested if he wanted a relationship ›Ie contractual with Digi | RCS-RDS.

Since the European GDPR regulation for the protection of personal data began to be applied in Romania as well, several companies have received fines for violating it. The list includes names such as Tarom, Vodafone, Enel and even Raiffeisen.

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