Bill Gates’ warning you didn’t want to hear: when the pandemic will end, in fact

Bill Gates has become a fairly important authority on the subject of the pandemic, and his lack of optimism stems from the way things are going.

The founder of Microsoft became the opinion leader in the last year on coronavirus, after it was revealed that, a few years ago, he predicted this widespread medical disaster. Regarding the period immediately following, Gates is not at all optimistic, especially when it comes to the situation in the northern hemisphere.

“If we don't have interventions, the death toll, even in the United States, will return to spring,” said Bill Gates. “The good news is that we have more promised vaccines.” Which could receive emergency authorizations from the FDA or the MHRA by the end of this year or, certainly, early next year. I expect two or three to get it, says the entrepreneur and the American philanthropist, in an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa.

As for the progress of a possible vaccine, even its widespread distribution will not work wonders in the sudden elimination of the virus. If the vaccines are effective, even And with a vaccination level of 60%, we will stop the exponential spread of the disease. We will reduce the number of deaths next year, and the pandemic will end in 2022, the former Microsoft director concluded.

Bill Gates could not neglect any possible global discrepancy when it comes to access to a possible vaccine. As for the US attitude toward vaccines, Gates says the United States is “contradictory.” Because, in terms of research, they have given more money than all the other countries together, multiplied by two, while for the production “In poor countries, they have not done anything wrong.” “I still hope that this administration, or another that will come, will do it, I dedicate a lot of time for this to happen,” Gates said.

Finally, Gates attacked Trump, confirming that much of the US's pandemic problems have to do with the White House administration. “The administration is not working with the WHO,” he said. “I do not agree, I think it is a mistake.” Gates also said it was unfortunate that many of Trump's statements had created a perception of some reluctance about the success of vaccine experiments. “When it is over, the United States will have to do a very thorough examination to understand how to prepare for the next pandemic,” the director of the Gates Foundation concluded.

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