Ciurel Passage in Bucharest, the most useless investment: how it was completely blocked a few days after the inauguration

The Ciurel Passage in Bucharest was inaugurated with great pomp by the incumbent mayor of the Capital, Gabriela Firea. It was a time that fell only well before the local elections, in full swing. However, the specialists pointed out that the investment is totally useless. And the images captured a few days after the inauguration prove them right.

The Ciurel passage can be used for traffic on Saturday, September 19, when it was inaugurated by officials. However, the problems arose immediately, and the officials who passed through the area noticed that huge queues were forming during peak hours. One of the images confirming this was posted on Facebook.

Specialists pointed out that this bridge was only useful if the project was done as intended in the original version. Thus, a connection would have followed from the bridge in the form of an express road to the A1 Bucharest-Pitesti Highway. Only this version of the project has been abandoned. The mayor-general said that in the case of the Node of Virtues – Bd. Uverturii, the technical project is still being worked on.

And now the bridge stops at a bank of land and the offerings coming from the center no longer stop at the T-shaped intersection, but as to reach Lujerului or Crânga and they still have to go down the Road of Virtue.

Moreover, those who come from Crânga and can no longer turn left towards Splaiul Independence, as recognized by the Capital City Hall, which came with advice for offers.

Ciurel Passage is composed of a hoban bridge, with 9 ramps and two above-ground passages and cost 240 million lei. The works lasted 10 years.

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