Customs officers confiscated thousands of headphones because they looked like Apple AirPods clones: what they really were

Customs officers confiscated about 2,000 pairs of headphones some time ago. They didn't have a problem with the documents, but they looked like clones of Apple AirPods. In fact, they were completely different.

Many of the completely wireless headphones launched in recent years are very similar visually to the headphones created by Apple. You don't have to be a design expert to realize that Apple AirPods have been the reference design for many models from companies like Huawei or OnePlus.

For this reason, it should come as no terrible surprise that US Customs and Border Protection customs officers confiscated 2,000 pairs of sealed OnePlus Buds because they perceived them as illegal clones of Apple AirPods. The event took place at the end of August, but the American customs officers were so arrogant that they now issued a press release on their accomplishment.

The situation could have quickly deviated from threats and swearing at US Customs and Border Protection, but OnePlus or the marketing person in charge of the official Twitter account seems to have a sense of humor. Shortly after the customs post went viral, OnePlus USA posted a simple answer. â € œHey, give them back! â €

As a reference, OnePlus Buds were launched in late July and the delivery in question was probably one of the first to reach American distributors. In the initial post, the director of the New York customs department, where the capture was made, was very proud of the performance of the division he leads. CBP officers “protect the American public from many dangers every day,” and “the interception of these counterfeit helmets is a direct reflection of vigilance and commitment to the success of the mission,” the statement said. official.

As a financial detail, if they were clones of Apple AirPods, they would have been worth $ 398,000, a value that has attracted attention and customs. In fact, a pair of OnePlus Buds costs just $ 79, for a total value of $ 158,000.

â € ”OnePlus USA (@OnePlus_USA) September 14, 2020

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