Donald Trump, “weaker” than Putin and Xi Jinping: why no one trusts him

A recent study by Washington Pew, conducted on a representative sample, draws attention to Donald Trump's lack of trust globally. Beyond this reality, the comparison with Putin and Xi Jinping is sadder.

Approximately 13,000 adults responded to a questionnaire conducted in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Japan, Canada, and South Korea. It is important to note that although some of the questions concerned Trump, the Americans were not questioned in this analysis.

The conclusions are as clear as can be. Never before has the image of the United States abroad been worse than it is now, beginning with the pathetic reputation of the White House chief. Distrust of Donald Trump is huge in almost any European country. It is almost shocking that in Germany, Germans trust Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping more than Trump.

On the other hand, according to data published by Die Welt, Angela Merkel is going through a very good period when it comes to reputation. It has a very good image globally.

A few weeks before the presidential election, the US reputation has fallen in several Western countries to the lowest level in two decades. Citizens of these countries have described as miserable the way President Donald Trump and his leadership team have handled the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Germany is proving to be particularly critical in this regard. Instead, Chancellor Angela Merkel (the German Christian Democratic Union party) is enjoying national and international popularity.

About a year ago, when the same study was conducted, the US reputation was much more reasonable, but the pandemic did not welcome the US president. Only 15% of those surveyed believe they have done a good job of managing the coronavirus pandemic. In the last year, the good image of the United States has fallen by 12% to 27%. Only 41% of Britons and Japanese have a positive image of the United States. For Canadians the percentage is 35%, and for the French only 31%. Among Germans, only 26% of opinions are positive, compared to 2000 when 78% looked at the US with confidence.

Only in March 2003, with the start of the Iraq war, did this figure fall by 25 percent to 53%. At the time, Germany was not participating in the US-led war, unlike Britain, Poland and Spain. Of the 13 nations surveyed, most now have negative comments about the United States.

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