Fines of over 100,000 lei in Bucharest: what you need to know if you live in the Capital

Under the pretext of preventing the spread of coronavirus cases, during the weekend, fines of 103,000 lei were given in Bucharest.

With the month of September, the number of those who spend time at sea has decreased significantly, and the places on the Romanian coast are no longer of interest to tourists or authorities. In this context, interest shifted to the Capital, where the number of fines exploded.

Due to the irregularities registered at clubs, terraces, restaurants and game rooms and sports bets, the Bucharest police gave fines amounting to 103,000 lei. At the same time, the amount of 6200 lei was confiscated, and a location was left without 3200 bottles of alcoholic beverages and without alcohol.

All this took place during the day on Saturday, when the police from the General Directorate of Police of the Municipality of Bucharest carried out a large-scale action. The main purpose was to monitor the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. These are quite numerous and have remained in force, in the context in which Romania continues to be on alert, in order to prevent and fight Covid-19 infections. . In the context of many other operational irregularities, fines have exploded.

Following the action that targeted over 40 companies from Bucharest, the control teams applied 56 sanctions for a total amount of approximately 103,000 lei and confiscated the amount of 6,200 lei from a company from sector 5 that does not comply with the legislation on the use of cash registers.

The strangest situation was recorded on a terrace in sector 3. The police found that the place was operating without any authorization from the competent bodies. At the same time, other irregularities were discovered, in order to finally reach a contravention fine of 17,000 lei. From the same premises, 1900 bottles of alcoholic beverages were confiscated. And 1300 bottles of non-alcoholic beverages.

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