How 5G will fundamentally change the education system you have today

5G is considered the technology of the future, and the new equipment will be used in almost all areas that want to become relevant. However, it can bring great benefits to the education system, including in Romania, if the officials have a vision in this regard.

5G is considered the technology of the future for several reasons: it comes with higher internet speeds, among other things, although infrastructure elements, such as bandwidth, differ from region to region. But that doesn't mean it can't bring huge benefits in most areas.

In terms of education, for example, an EdTech Magazin analysis shows that it can substantially improve the system. And, if Romania is in a hurry, these changes may be observed in our country as well.

Many experts have predicted that 2020 will be the year in which 5G technology will be fully imposed. It is not valid everywhere, but it is clear that progress can be seen. Even our operators have announced that they have extended their 5G coverage, even if the tender promised by ANCOM is delayed.

Well, the way courses are conducted could be fundamentally changed thanks to 5G technology. Because more and more devices can be interconnected, and transfer and download speeds will be much higher. This means that there will be no more problems with distance learning or with various applications that can make the interaction between teachers and students amazingly good.

The enthusiasm for 5G is obviously related to speed. And video conferencing, for example, can connect dozens of people from various parts of the world to the education system. And the process will be a quick one.

Teachers and students will not have to wait long for various updates, transfer or download processes. That time will be used in the most useful way possible.

At the same time, students will have access to several e-learning platforms, especially as the new generations are accustomed to taking their information, including those from school. , from the internet. Moreover, 5G technology will accelerate the emergence of devices based on virtual or augmented reality.

And that will make the education system much better.

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