iPad Air has an iPhone 12 processor and is now the fastest Apple device

At the latest Apple conference, the Cupertino giant unveiled a new generation of iPad Air, the fourth. It uses a proprietary Apple A14 processor, the same one we'll see in the iPhone 12.

In 2019, you would have been tempted to believe that the usefulness of a tablet has become somewhat desemantic, but in the year dedicated to the pandemic, when the Romanian state runs after tablets dedicated to education, the new iPad Air is a much more attractive proposal. It has a design reminiscent of the iPad Pro, but unlike the Pro, it can be purchased in a significant variety of metallic finishes, as seen in the image above.

IPad Air tablets haven't been updated in a year and a half. The new tablet dropped the Touch ID button and in a similar case to the previous one, which housed a 9.7-inch panel, now hides a 10.9-inch usable area. Without Face ID, biometric authentication on the new tablet is done through a fingerprint sensor hidden in the power button.

The new iPad Air kisses wonderfully with the second generation of Apple Pencil. It has a single 12-megapixel main camera with F / 1.8 and, according to official statements, seems to be the same camera on the iPad Pro. The audio experience has been rethought, and if you hold the tablet horizontally, you get stereo sound.

The new iPad Air is available in five colors for the first time, rose gold, blue, green, dark silver and light silver. It uses an Apple A14 chipset for the first time, the first time we see Apple's new SoC in a gadget, before the launch of the new iPhones next month. In addition, it is charged via USB C, and a magnetic Smart Connector port on the side facilitates interaction with a Magic Keyboard and other accessories. The purchase price is $ 600 for the 64GB version and jumps to $ 730 for 64GB and LTE connectivity. It will hit stores next month.

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