Money is given to thousands of Romanians: the incentive reaches 2,000 lei. Who receives you?

PSD throws all kinds of populist laws in the Parliament, taking advantage of the fact that, once adopted, the Government must find the sources of financing. AÈ ™ ae È ™ i with the risk incentive for teachers.

No matter who is in power, opposition parties will always come up with populist laws, which I may know cannot be enforced. But they are millstones placed around the necks of the government, forced to look for funding once these initiatives are approved. And such initiatives are obviously multiplying in the election years, as is 2020.

This is what the PSD, an opposition party, is doing now.

The leader of the Social Democratic senators, Radu Preda, came up with a bill that provides a risk incentive for teachers. The amount is worth 2,000 lei and is allocated monthly to each teacher, it is shown in the initiative. The money would be granted only during the state of alert.

The initiative was submitted to the Senate by the leader of the PSD senators, Radu Preda. He states that it is a “very good legislative proposal”, and with this money the teachers would buy various study and teaching materials.

â € œThe duty of the rulers is to find a solution. Certainly, Mr. Orban's decision is not surprising to anyone, because to date we have had no aid for anyone on the Government's priority list. We only had firecrackers, promises, but concrete things did not happen. Our duty as an opposition party is to put on the table of the governors a legislative proposal that we consider very good, and the duty of the governors is to find a solution “, said Radu Preda.

Given that the sources of funding have not been identified, the Government has announced that it will attack the law at the RCC. This is because the budget does not allow, at this moment, the granting of such incentives.

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