Nintendo has launched censorship: what you can no longer do on your own Switch console, in principle

After making a significant financial effort to buy your new console from Nintendo, you certainly wouldn't expect censorship to come with it. However, this was introduced in a recent update.

Nintendo often releases updates for the Switch, some more obvious than others. An update, for example, introduced the ability to transfer your saves from an SD card to the system and vice versa. Another update allowed you to temporarily increase the processor's operating frequency, a feature that did not exist when the console was launched.

A significantly more discreet update than the above does not come with anything extra, but something less. OatmealDome initially reported the issue on Twitter, after which it was confirmed by several important publications. In practice, if you switch to version 10.2.0 of the operating system you have on the Switch, you can no longer use a cluttered number of words in your online ID, nickname.

The complete list of forbidden words is difficult to understand and will probably never be made public. One thing is for sure, however, usernames with KKK, Nazi, Slavic, ACAB, coronavirus or COVID are no longer allowed. Finally, words of a political nature of any kind are targeted, all of which have to do with the pandemic or the movement to protect the rights of people of color in the United States and around the world.

From one point of view, it is no exaggeration to forbid Nintendo from naming your character in a game after a deadly illness. On the other hand, if you bought a console, it would be nice to do what you want with it and use it the way you feel.

But when it comes to the social cause, Nintendo is very sensitive and generous at the same time. Through The Pokemon Company, he donated $ 100,000 to Black Lives Mattter and NAACP, and in recent months, has made several posts on his online channels to show his appreciation for BLM and NAACP. George Floyd. It remains to be seen whether the manifestation of censorship will fuel controversy in the online environment.

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