Outdoor children’s festival: what children can see at KINOdiseea, in Bucharest

For about a month, this year, KINOdiseea aims to take the children out of the house for a film and animation festival. This is the 12th edition.

The film festival for young audiences takes place this year between September 17 and October 11, with most of the screenings taking place in the open air, in several locations in the capital. The list includes the open-air Peasant Museum Cinema, the Grigore Antipa Museum Garden and the Children's Comic Opera.

On this occasion, children of all ages can see the latest movies dedicated to them, but also classic productions from Disney or Pixar. To these will be added short current films, but also workshops dedicated to those who want to learn, for storytelling and stop frame animation.

Over the next month, the screenings will take place almost exclusively on weekends and outdoors, in full compliance with the conditions of physical distance.

From September 25th to 27th and October 8th to 11th, the KINOdiseea Junior Competition, which includes seven new films from around the world, will be screened at the Peasant Museum in the open air, the short film groups grouped by category can be viewed in the Garden of the Museum “Grigore Antipa”, and classic productions from famous animation studios and make their home at the Children's Comic Opera, outdoors, on the roof , at least until the end of October.

The classic film program includes successful productions such as the classic “Marry Poppins” (1964) with Julie Andrews, “Finding Nemo”, “How to train your dragon”, “Inside Out” and “Song of the Sea”. and tickets are already available at this address. The film that will open this year's event is Jackie and Oopjen, a Dutch production directed by Annemaria van de Mond, a feature film for the whole family that invites us let's walk through the galleries and works of art of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

This year, within a unique partnership, KINOdiseea is happy to host, for the first time, the journalistic films produced by teenagers within the project “Grown On Music”, which aims to find and train 20 young people from families of oral musicians and dancers from different regions of the country. (…) At the workshops held on Zoom, the participants were initiated and guided to create their own journalistic materials, with the aim of finding out the history of the family or musical community of which they are part and Understanding the importance of preserving tradition. The project is organized by the Rider Access Association and financed by the Ministry of Culture through the Online Access program ”, the organizers specify.

As a footnote, KINOdiseea is an event organized by the Metropolis Cultural Association, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, with the support of the National Center of Cinematography.

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